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Help Faraz educate the children of the slums

The country where education is valued not as a formality but as a country's pride is never poor.”
– Nitin Namdeo
We all know the value of education for the betterment of society, but still, millions of children go without any access to education in India. Just think what we do when we see the small kids begging at the traffic signals and railway stations or picking rags from the nearby waste, with shabby clothes and grimy hair having no ray of hope about the future, about a minute or two we definitely feel pity.

What do we do about it?
An easy option is to stop by and help out with a penny. Do you think offering a mere penny is not a lasting solution to the prodigious problem of begging and child labor? For a situation like this, we need a sustainable solution, and it is only by educating the young ones to work out a healthy livelihood.
Education is a great enabler – it makes people skilled and equips them to engage in meaningful professions.

Our Solution: "Upay"
Upay ' means A Solution' we at Upay believe that education is the only means to uplift the Nation, and if a child can not go to school, a school must reach him."
At UPAY, we believe in the holistic development of deprived children in all domains of life. Our primary focus is enhancing the education standards of the needy. Education standards come along with other aspects such as sanitation, hygiene, skill development, and many more. We have a dedicated team of mentors and teachers who strive hard day and night to help these children to make their lives better and guarantee a better future too.

For What do we need funds?
Quality education comes at a price. To maintain the standards of teaching and provide children with the best support possible, we need a substantial amount of capital, and lacking it, we would not be able to help with whatever they need for a better future.
This fundraiser's appeal is to provide better education to our existing beneficiaries, who are mainly the beggars at the traffic signals, child labourers, or kids in remote villages devoid of enough resources and opportunities; so that every child gets a chance to read, grow and succeed. To fulfil the dreams and liberate the young and innocent minds from the social and economic backwardness and reach more homeless children in the coming time, we will need funds amounting to Rs. 10 Lacs this fiscal year.

How will the funds be utilised?
UPAY is converting the Footpathshaala and Reach and Teach centres into integrated learning centers whose focus will be to educate, empower and build happy and healthy childhood through classroom studies, skill development, fighting malnutrition, and other health issues among the street children. It will also be utilised to provide an annual supply of stationeries for the children, hire full-time staff for conducting classes, provide uniforms, and hygiene kits for adolescent girls other basic needs which the beneficiaries cannot afford.

The mission is to join hands for a noble cause. We seek your support to strengthen our endeavour and facilitate the children with better resources, study materials, and mentors. help them pave their way to a better and brighter future.
Donate generously to change lives!

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