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Donate for a better tomorrow, and help Sanskruti educate the underprivileged.


Children living on the streets or coming from poor households have to work to survive another day. They do not have the luxury to choose education over their livelihood. While some choose to work with their families, many have trouble finding dignified jobs due to their tender age. These children often fall prey to exploitation from employers, and more often than not are lured into unethical work.

Volunteers of UPAY noticed that the likelihood of a child dropping out of their education increases once they start earning. It does help them meet the need of the hour, however, in the long run, it doesn’t allow them to build skills that will make them employable for higher-paying jobs and get out of the cycle of generational poverty.



The solution for child labor needs to be multi-dimensional for the change can take root in the community. We initiated the skill development program that involves the larger community. Through our initiative, we identify and develop core skills among parents of the community. We extend the same support to young women. This way, they are open to better employment opportunities and have an additional source of earning income. It reduces the pressure on children to work and allows them to focus on their education.


We have also set up a website - sabkasman.com that provides a platform for resources artisans to grow their market. It allows them to take charge of their prices and not be exploited by middlemen. The website offers an innovative solution to their age-old problem.


Every rupee you contribute will be put to use efficiently in the development and provision of resources to our beneficiaries. This money will be used to purchase and maintain the necessary equipment for our skill development centers. It will also be used to compensate the trainers for their work.


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  • F.R 12-Nov-2020 11:45 AM

    Good Initiative Sanskruti, I have seen your work with these underprivileged children, Keep up the Great work. All the best

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